Feeding Bytes: Starting Solids

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Oct 7th, 2013 - Oct 23rd, 2013

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It is never too early to start raising a happy and healthy eater!

About this Course

Are you overwhelmed just by a thought of starting your baby on solids?

Are you confused by the conflicting nutrition information you get from the internet, friends and family?

Did you know that there are several ways your baby may go about starting solids and it is best to be prepared for each of them?

Do you wish you could help your baby learn to eat a variety of foods in the proportions that are right for her?

Do you wish you could stop worrying and start enjoying mealtimes with your baby

Would you like to receive evidence-based advice from a pediatric dietitian and a mom of two from the comfort of your home or office?

Then you are in the right place!

This two weeks’ interactive online course will help you with everything above and more! It has been developed by Natalia Stasenko  MS, RD, CDN who received her extensive training as a Registered Dietitian at Columbia University and has been working with hundreds of families to help them feed their kids right.Natalia specializes in evidence-based approach to feeding children. She understands the theories and keeps up with the new research in order to provide the best practical advice that she herself uses daily with her own kids.

The components of the class:

  • Mini presentations and videos
  • Comprehensive handouts
  • Recipes and meal plans
  • Case studies
  • Discussion board moderated by a pediatric dietitian

After subscribing to the course you will:

  • Get a clear guidance on when and how to introduce solids
  • Avoid all the typical mistakes parents make and help your child become a good eater
  • Learn how to survive through messy feedings without losing peace of mind
  • Know how to help your baby stay attuned to her hunger-fullness signals and increase her chances for healthy weight in the long term
  • Transition your baby to table foods with no struggles
  • Find out why toddler snacks are a direct way to picky eating
  • Learn why too much milk is not a good thing and how much is enough.
  • Know which nutrients are especially important for your baby and learn easy ways to boost them in diet
  • Learn how to make every meal baby and toddler friendly and avoid cooking separate meals
  • Find out why getting the food inside your baby is not your job and why you should trust her with her eating
  • Get age-specific balanced eating plans and dozens of recipes
  • Have all our questions answered by a pediatric dietitian

Keeping your busy schedule in mind, the course is designed as a sequence of practical steps organized into bite-sized presentations, videos and detailed handouts that will help you with the feeding right now while preparing you for the next exciting milestone.

To make the course as interactive as possible, we included a thriving discussion board where you will get tailored nutritional advice from Natalia as well as amazing support from fellow parents.

All families are different but we learn the best from each other. That’s why we will look at a few case studies in order to help you avoid the typical mistakes other parents make and feed your baby with confidence.

Last but not least, our age-specific meal plans, mealtime tips and easy recipes will take the guesswork out of feeding. You will know what, when and how to feed your baby so that she is grows well, develops important eating skills and feels good about eating.

Some of the topics we will discuss include:

  • When is it best to start solids: 5 signs of readiness
  • Best first foods
  • Your baby talks to you! Learn to read her hunger/fullness signals
  • How to avoid common mistakes parents make when introducing solids
  • Will baby led weaning work for your baby?
  • Easy guide on progression between textures
  • Common feeding difficulties versus red flags that indicate need for professional help
  • Prevention of choking
  • Food allergy concerns
  • Taste training from the first spoon – how to use this narrow window of opportunity to raise a healthy eater
  • The tools that you need and save on gadgets that you don’t
  • Weaning off a nipple step by step
  • Juice, milk and other liquids in baby’s diet
  • From constipation to vomiting: gastrointestinal issues that may occur when introducing solids
  • Which supplements are right for your baby?
  • Is organic worth the extra money?
  • Your 1 year old: what to expect and how to prevent common feeding concerns

Additional Questions

If you are still curious about learning more about the course, visit our Q&A page.

I wish I took this class when my son was just born…. My concern over T’s appetite resulted in me pressuring him to eat. Now we are more relaxed at mealtimes. And I think T. feels it and eats as much as he needs. In this class I received the best feeding advice so far.

- Michele, New York

Before I met Natalia, I had no idea pediatric dietitians existed. What a relief to finally understand the reason behind my DD’s behavior and have strategies that work. Natalia is very professional, knowledgeable and approachable.

- Christie, New Jersey

Such a relief to see my 1 year old becoming more interested in “real” food. I was getting tired of making baby purees for more than a year!

- Stephanie, New York

Your Instructor

About Natalia

In order to get to the bottom of the art and science of feeding kids, Natalia trained as a Registered Dietitian at Columbia University, Teachers College. As a mother of two, she has first-hand experience feeding her family nutritious meals. When her older daughter was small, Natalia made her share of feeding mistakes and battled a case of extreme picky eating that triggered her interest in pediatric nutrition.  Now her 8 year old lists roasted carrots, tofu and sushi as her favorite foods and makes a wicked tomato-cheese omelet all by herself!

As a pediatric dietitian, Natalia uses evidence-based techniques and strategies aiming at fostering parents’ confidence and skills in feeding their children right. Every day she helps families raise healthy eaters, resolve picky eating and other feeding problems, eat well with food allergies and enjoy family meals in simple and delicious ways. 

In addition to her private practice in NYC, she runs nutrition workshops for parents and works as a pediatric nutrition consultant for various companies and agencies including Head Start.

In 2013 Natalia launched Feeding Bytes: a series of interactive online classes that help parents get the best professional advice on feeding their children from the comfort of their home at a reasonable price.

To learn more about Natalia’s work or subscribe to her blog, visit www.tribecanutrition.com

A Course by Feeding Bytes

Tribeca Nutrition is a nutritional private practice in New York City, founded by a pediatric dietitian with a Master of Science degree in nutrition, Natalia Stasenko. Natalia has been coaching and counseling hundreds of parents through her workshops, private counseling sessions and her blog and Facebook page, helping them to figure out "what" and "how" to feed their kids so they eat better now and have healthy relationship with food in the future. To read more about Natalia's feeding philosophy and the evidence-based feeding strategy she promotes, visit www.tribecanutrition.com/blogspot.

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