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Meet Natalia Stasenko, pediatric dietitian

Founder of Feeding Bytes

In order to get to the bottom of the art and science of feeding kids, Natalia trained as a Registered Dietitian at Columbia University, Teachers College and has since been helping hundreds of families through her private practice, workshops and online classes.

As a mother of three, she has first-hand experience feeding her family easy and nutritious meals. When her older daughter was small, Natalia made her share of feeding mistakes and battled a case of extreme picky eating that triggered her interest in pediatric nutrition.

Her now 9 year old lists roasted carrots, tofu and sushi as her favorite foods and makes a wicked tomato-cheese omelets all by herself!

In 2013 Natalia launched Feeding Bytes - a series of interactive online classes that help parents get the best professional advice on feeding their children from the comfort of their home at a reasonable price.

As a recognized pediatric nutrition expert, Natalia has been featured in Parents Magazine, Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, Kiwi magazine, Huffington post and other media outlets.

Learn more about Natalia and read her recent blog posts on her website


Meet Adina Pearson, Registered Dietitian

Instructor at Feeding Bytes

After studying Nutrition at Loma Linda University and getting her degree, Adina began her career as the Chief Clinical Dietitian in a small hospital in Eastern Washington. For several years she focused on the needs of adults and had little interest in pediatric cases.

That is until she had kids of her own. As a mom of a 2.5 and 4 year old, she now understands the unique challenges parents and children face when it comes to developing healthy eating habits.

She's incredibly grateful for learning the child feeding strategies that she and Natalia will be teaching in this course because she knows first hand what a difference they make.

Currently she is working part-time in an outpatient clinic and she gets most excited when she sees a pediatric patient on the schedule. Her passion for child feeding led her to launch a Facebook page the summer of 2013 to support parents in feeding their children and more recently a blog www.HealthyLittleEaters.com with the same goal.

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